LivingRiver Community Archive

Rivers can be “agents of History”. Places and landscape, culture, technology, literature and music have been intrinsically shaped by their presence, in a mutual relation with humans and their usage of natural resources. Rivers also act as powerful natural elements as a source of life and destruction. Their margins and riverbeds have always been places of worship and of philosophical construction, uniting and separating humanity.

Knowing and valuing rivers means also to get to know our local cultures, while learning their role as primordial sources of life, guardians of water and the basis for the Planet’s sustainability.

In an innovative and collaborative approach towards heritage, we invite you to travel around Portugal, Turkey, Romania and Spain, to know the communities around the rivers and streams by experiencing their heritage in their own words, images and sounds.
This is a collaborative and shared platform, in which each of us may tell our own history regarding the rivers of our experiences, our communities and identities.